Russian Creepers

Soviet born artists Konstantin Antioukhin and Konstantin Kalinovich, known as the duo Konstantin v Konstantin make very creepy images on bookplates. The images captivate a lot of detail so there is a lot to look at. Enjoy!

Toys detailed by Narbut

Heorhiy Narbut was a Ukrainian self taught painter. Besides illustrating many books and magazines, he also designed the Ukrainian coat of arms, banknotes and even stamps. His work is very thorough with detail. Check his work from the famous Joseph Knebel's : Toys.

Vintage French Cinema Posters

A few old French cinema posters from the past. Artwork is mesmerizing. Check it out below.

Herbert Pfostl's Art Remedies

Brooklyn artist Herbert Pfostl's art is quite minimal in some aspects. His pieces are quite interesting and provoke lots of mystical feelings. The artwork below is from his two collections : Light Issued Against Ruin and All Sorts of Remedies; both were displayed in Brooklyn. I am not quite sure which media he uses but love the overall mood it creates, perfect for rainy days.

Vintage Soviet Timepieces

Found a collection of a bunch of vintage soviet watches, clocks and even pinky ring watches. Soviet made with strong military influences as seen on a lot of the graphics. I love everything from the colors to the font, seriously cant get enough. Some of the most famous brands during that time were Slava ( translated : Glory ), Vostok ( translated : East ), Raketa ( translated : Rocket ) Chaika ( translated : Seagull) and Pobeda ( translated : Victory ). I found most of them on Etsy, so if you are interested in any of them there are some stores on the site that sell them.

Grand Théâtre Nouveau

Paper theaters were widely popular in the 19th century. The selected few in this post are by  Jean Charles Pellerin. Crazy detail using a very tedious and time consuming lithographic process. Appreciate the detail below!

Abigail Rorer : Mimpish Squinnies and other works

Abigail Rorer is an illustrator, wood engraver, and founder of The Lone Oak Press. The crazy plant / creature illustrations are from a limited edition fine print book that she illustrated, hand printed and hand bound. Other illustrations are from her other books she worked on. I can look at these for hours!


This dude has the coolest name. Besides that, Franz was an entrepreneur with many talents. Born and died in Germany he was a puppeteer, illustrator, playwright author along with many other things. His art and poetry were published in his own books. His art is what really struck me. He has characters but none have faces. Instead its just pansy flowers. Super trippy for a dude living in his time (1800s). This is a few works from his book that he wrote and did the illustrations for. The other gallery below is from another book. Super inspiring with all his different styles. Check him.

Uzbeks : photos by Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky

These vintage photos were shot by Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky who was one of Russia's most famous photographers as well as chemists. He was commissioned by Tsar Nicholas II to take photos of him and his family because of the richness of the color in the photos was undeniable. His portrait of Leo Tolstoy was one of the most famous picture ever taken in that era in Russia, mainly because the author ended up dying 2 years later and that photo was used on postcards, newspapers, etc. All the photos below date back to the early 1900's. Most are from his trip to Uzbekistan. Richness in color and culture. Check it out.