Snow Maiden

Winter besides being hella cold is truly magical and is usually depicted very snowy, white and beautiful. Russian winters are depicted like that too, in folk tales at least. There's even a Snow Maiden character better know as Snegurochka (снегурочка) who had different meanings all throughout Russian folk tales and fairy tales. She was first depicted as a girl taking a walk to the woods with other gals. After starting a big bonfire they decided to take turns leaping over, Snegurochka of course takes a leap and disappears into thin air, becoming just a snowflake (I guess it be like that when you are a Snow Maiden). The other version of her existence is that she is the daughter of Ded Moroz (aka Santa Clauses or better translated Father Frost) and Spring of Beauty. She becomes the mascot for New Years, which is when Father Frost gives away presents. Whatever her purpose, you best believe she is one fly lady. She has a very magical headpiece and usually rocks a braid or two down the floor. Her coat is usually a very detailed pattern of some tapestry and she also rocks a silky gown that drapes down to the floor. She is also equiped with a furry muff to withstand the harsh winter cold. I am totally feeling this steelo, if this is something that was do able in terms of getting around in the streets of NYC: i would totally rock this. Check out a few of her looks below and get inspired.