Russian Nobles: Stay Fly post

Before the rise of the Soviet Union, there were kings and queens better known as Tsars and Tsaritsas (think cartoon Anastasia). There were many of them throughout history passed on by blood or marriage. The history of it all is quite interesting but that's not what I'm here to blog about. I would like to focus on the richness and the art of their attire. Not only was it an everyday thing to be this fly but when it came down to balls at the Winter Palace, you couldn't ignore the straight gold and gems on their outfits (sorry Rihanna but this is how they ball out). Cloaks, coats and fur all embroidered to the last detail, grand headwear for head bitches in charge were set in diamonds, pearls and precious stones. Lets just say things were fancy beyond belief. On of the most luxurious and the most grand of them all was the 1903 ball at the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg during the reign of emperor Nicholas II of Russia. Unexplainably Bourgeoisie. See the richness below, its beyond inspiring.