Ivan the Terrible through Cinema

Ivan IV was the Grand Prince of Moscow and later became the Tsar of all Russia. He was actually the first to become the Tsar of all Russia, mainly because he expanded Russia: spanning about one billion acres ( he took over Siberia and many other territories ). Historians claim he was straight up crazy due to his rages and extreme paranoia. He also had a few wives; 8 throughout his life to be exact and with his bare hands killed the dude that he would leave his throne to. He sparked fear which is where the terrible comes from. He was a huge supported of the arts though and anyone who is a lover of art is okay with me. There have been many movies created about him and his reign and all are very artfully captured to signify his terror. When I saw the movie, all I wanted to hear was Wu Tang Clan's "Bring Da Ruckus". I gathered some screen shots and movie covers to show you what this guy was depicted as.