Moroccan Lamps

My two passions for traveling and interior decorating combine in this post. I love interior decorating for the aesthetic meaning and the mood you can create with simply placing things where they seem fitting. I like to mix different pieces for a more eclectic look. Although I have never been to Morocco, I am quite inspired by their cultures and traditions. Located in North Africa, it shares both the coastline of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic ocean. The architecture and the interior spaces are so highly detailed it will make your eyes run wild. The vaulted ceilings and domes hang some of the most intricate of lamps and chandeliers. They tend to be in multiples and create a very chill atmosphere. The lighting is dim and usually illuminates the patterns that are designed on the lamp. I cannot wait to mix and match my apartment as soon as I get my hands on a few. I want a Moroccan room like Mariah Carey. Here are a few of my favorites.